Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Followed Tigers

We Followed Tigers myspace

I don't know much about these guys but their music ruled okay? I found out about them through some message board on the internet 3-4 years ago. They're a 3-piece from California and they, unfortunately were only around for a short period of time because they had to go separate ways for school and shit. They managed to put out 2 Eps, And Then We Were Killed (2003) and So Much For Summer (2004). I'm not sure if there were ever hard copies version of these releases. The band decided to put up their entire music on the internet for free.

And Then We Were Killed showcases We Followed Tigers ability playing a brand of instrumental modern rock that incorporates post-rock elements and mathy/modern-post hardcore stuff. Imagine a mix of early Thursday with Tera Melos, Explosions In The Sky melodies and a superb songwriting. It's no doubt that they are clearly a bunch of talented folks. They somehow managed to use a lot of qualities and dynamics that post rock bands tend to have and use it in a more straight forward rock approach with a good amount of technicalities and changes to keep things interesting. So Much For Summer is way more straight forward than ATWWK and the first two songs on it are probably the heaviest songs they have ever done. In my opinion, it's not nearly as good as ATWWK.

FYI, members of the band are currently involved in these 2 projects :

Below are links to both Eps and the only 2 videos of them existed on the internet showing they're practising songs in a garage.

P.S. The bass solo in "Ronnie Beck, Former Child Star" still gives me goosebumps every time i listen to it.

And Then We Were Killed
So Much For Summer


We Followed Tigers - Ronnie Beck

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