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Daniel Striped Tiger

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Originality is something, if not the most important thing that i value in music (asides from being good, obviously). I have utmost respect for artists/bands that manage to take their influences, putting their own spin to it and keep pushing a genre forward. Punk music isn't generally known for it's originality. Punk was never about technicality or how well you can play your instruments. But strangely enough a lot of talented musicians was born out of playing this type of music. Bands like Minutemen, Husker Du, Fugazi, Rorschach, Indian Summer and Off Minor have proven time and time again that punk music doesn't always have to be one-dimensional and that it's possible to bring something new to the table.

Daniel Striped Tiger are one of those current bands that i believe are doing something exciting and different. The Desert Bird was an ep that they put out in 2004 and was my introduction to the band. One word that i use to describe the band would be "ambitious". The ep contains 4 tracks of angular and noisy post-hardcore with a lot of tricky rhythm sections and discordant melodies more than you can shake a stick at. The two guitars in the band proved to be effective as they keep cutting through the rhythm section with clever little leads and twangs. They somewhat reminds me of Wolves and Stop It! but with more grit.

Condition, released in 2005 is the band first LP and probably their most ambitious work to date. The LP showcases DST adventurous and progressive nature throughout the album. The sudden break in "Slalom" followed by a trumpet/sax solo (!), the post-rocky middle section of "Your Birthday (cake)", and DST use of dynamics in epic instrumental "The Untuned Piano In The Assembly Hall" are just few examples of how far this band has come from their previous efforts. And the best thing about it is all these changes are done effortlessly and doesn't sound forced. Capital Cities, their second LP follows similar sound with less emphasis on experimentation and better flow songs and songwriting.

Luckily for me Daniel Striped Tiger are touring Australia in May! I am so keen for those Brisbane shows. Since most of their releases are still available, i only put up Daniel Striped Tiger split with Sinaloa which i believe to be out of print. "Untying Knots" is probably one of the best songs they have ever done.

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