Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tear Gas

I've been listening to a lot of Japanese hardcore lately. And i gotta say, as a fellow Asian i have to give them massive props for making such ferocious music...................and Godzillas. One can't help but notice that Japanese hardcore has a fairly distinctive sound. It's usually fast, raw, thrashy and features (if any) guitar leads/solos not unlike a lot of 70's/80's rock/metal bands. They seemed to take a lot of influences from heavy/thrash metal, UK d-beat and glam/death rock (G.I.S.M?). Another thing i couldn't help but notice is the impressive chops that these guys have when it comes to their ability with music instruments. While it is normal for most American hardcore bands to change their sound or move onto something else after getting better at their instruments (see : Black Flag, Fugazi, Die Kreuzen, etc), Japanese tend to stick to hardcore while at the same time implementing a lot of advanced techniques and skills they can bring into the band, resulting in a more complex, modern, epic sound (Paintbox, Etae).

Why all the Japcore talk? well, this post is about a band called Tear Gas who very much play this style of hardcore with maybe a bit of Poison Idea thrown into the mix for good measure. The vocals delivery are gruffy, pretty similar to Bastards/Septic Deaths. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia these guys have been around for maybe about a year or two? I'm not too sure, but from the countless times i have seen them, they've managed to get good reactions and thus made a name for themselves in the local scene. They also have opened for bigger bands such as Extortion and Trash Talk (USA).

Tear Gas put out a demo tape sometime last year and all 200 of them have sold out. I believe there's also a 10" bootleg floating around somewhere? Don't quote me on that one. One of the members have put up their demo up for grab on a few local message boards, so I'm simply just passing it along. Unfortunately it's pretty hard to get more info on these guys since they are too punx for myspace kekeke. Anyway, enjoy the demo.

Tear Gas Demo (2008)

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