Monday, February 8, 2010

Slug Guts – Down On The Meat LP

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Hailing from Brisbane, Slug Guts have managed to achieve a relatively considerable success considering the time they’ve been around as a band. In just less than a year, they have managed to play with Flipper, Grey Daturas, Lightning Bolt and got onto the Flip Out festival in Sydney and Melbourne, playing alongside bands like Deaf Wish, Eddy Current Supression Ring, etc. They also joined Melbourne-based label Stained Circles whom they released this LP on.

Before I get to their music, I just want to touch on a few other things. People who have seen/know Slug Guts are probably aware that they have a “look”. Now, I don’t know why they dress like that. Maybe they’re trying to create an image of some sort. Or maybe they just like dressing like that. Who cares, really? If their music doesn’t suck then that’s all that matters (it doesn’t).

Slug Guts play swampy, clunky Australian post-punk with bluesy guitar lines. The drum and the bass are the main drive of the rhythm section with the two guitars swirling around, turning and twisting the songs in and out. Singer James sounds like a toad being choked to death while forced to sing. The vocals are definitely an acquired taste. It’s somewhat a similar delivery to another australian band, Bird Blobs.

The production of the record is clear enough, although it’s a bit thin and emtpy. It lacks the punch and power that usually comes through their live performance. Or maybe it’s intended to sound that way. I don’t know. Apparently the recording was done in 8 hours or something like that.

Slug Guts live @ Flip Out Festival, The Corner Hotel (2009-09-05) (credit goes to Fan Made Recordings)

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