Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who is To Blame?

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This entry was inspired by Pisschrist show in Jakarta on the 3rd. It's technically not in Jakarta, since myself and a bunch of friends end up driving for about an hour away from the city to the venue. The venue itself was a huge open grass field with a stage setup in the middle. It looks like something you'd see in a music festival like big day out or something, only shittier (it's a punk show after all!). And instead of being surrounded by underage chicks, it was a sea of crusties and punks in black shirts, tight pants and mohawks.

There were about 15 bands on the bill, including Pisschrist and a power-pop/indie band from German called Blockshot who couldn't be more out of place that night. I'll get to that later. By the time we got there, we had already missed the first 5 bands or so. But we stayed through the rest of the bands. I'm not knocking on the local scene or anything, but about almost every single local band that night played some sort of variation of d-beat or crust. A little diversity would've been good. Anyway, Pisschrist took the stage and absolutely killed it that night. Yeap, the singer was running around the stage and jumping like a maniac. The intensity was never lost. It was a great performance. For those who aren't familiar, Pisschrist is a punk/hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia who play d-beat. Think of Discharge meets Totalitar or something.

Now, onto the main point of this entry. This is nothing but a mere observation of mine and not intended to be interpreted as something else. There were hundreds of punks at the Pisschrist show, and a lot of them were kids. I'm talking about 15-16 year old kids sporting mohawks in exploited shirts with tattoos and piercings. They looked about the same as any punks you'd see in other parts of the world. Now, i used to go to quite a few punk shows when i was living in Brisbane, and most of the people that i met in the scene were some of the nicest, most open-minded people i know. I also have met a few like-minded people here in Jakarta and that is one of the reasons why i came to love punk music. I like Discharge. I like Fugazi.

Blockshot was the last band to take the stage, and unfortunately didn't get even half the reaction that Pisschrist had gotten. They are a power-pop/indie band sort of like Sleater Kinney with a bit of synth-pop goin on . And obviously they weren't 'punk' enough for the crowd. They were constantly being made fun of ever since they stepped their feet on the stage and people were being really disrespectful. I was really upset over this, and it kinda ruined the night for me. But i wasn't in a position where i could do anything about it, hence why this blog was created. Why were people being disrespectful? i have no idea and i don't feel like analyzing it. Obviously, people are different. Maybe different cultures, social and economic situations, and gazillion other factors comes into play here. Who knows. All i know is i hate closed-minded fucks, regardless of their races or nationalities. I don't discriminate.

All in all, it was quite an experience. Massive thanks to Jan for letting us riding his car and Ipul for the amazing picture above. Last but not least, Bagoes and Al for the company.

Here's some goodies :

Pisschrist - Distort Melbourne Demo (2004)

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