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Texas is The Reason/The Promise Ring split

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Texas is The Reason (taken from a line of the Misfits song "Bullet") and The Promise Ring, both hailing from the states did a split in 1996, with each band supplying one song. The split, in my opinion contains some of the best materials both bands have written. When I first listened to the record, i noticed that TITR and The Promise Ring songs shared a lot similar qualities, sonically and musically which is funny since if it wasn't for the split i wouldn't have made any sort of connection between them.

Texas is The Reason were founded by the guitarist of a hardcore band, Shelter and drummer of another hardcore band from the mid 90's, 108. They existed from 1994 to 1997. The Promise Ring started off as a side project of guitarist/vocalist of Cap'n'Jazz in 1995 before turning into a serious band. They ended the band in 2002. Both bands did a few reunion shows in 00's ever since without any intention of reforming.

Texas is The Reason plays a brand of really catchy, personal mid-tempo punk rock
and at the time it was fairly something new and fresh especially coming from a band on a hardcore label, Revelation. They got slapped with the tag "emo" and "post-hardcore" a lot (also goes for The Promise Ring and most of indie bands from the mid-west at the time) which i find to be about as useful and informative as twitter. I don't consider those mid-west bands as "emo" anyway. When i think of emo in the 90's, i think of Ebullition, Gravity and later, Level-Plane. It just makes more sense since emo is essentially hardcore punk and a lot of midwest bands seemed to embrace a more poppier, radio-friendly side of punk (this is not a bad thing, i assure you).

I personally find all Texas is The Reason materials to be gold, not that they have a huge discography to go through or anything. They released a 7" ep, a full-length and a few splits. As for The Promise Ring, well i haven't listened to them as much but from what i've heard it's okay. They're just a bit too poppy/upbeat for my taste and the vocals get a bit too much for me (same problem i have with Mineral). Their song on the split with Texas is The Reason "E. Texas Avenue" is a bit different than most of their stuff. It's hard-hitting and not as poppy which i like.

Texas is The Reason/The Promise Ring split

Here's another treat :

Texas is The Reason live at Coney Island High (NYC) - 03/24/96

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