Friday, August 28, 2009

Caitlyn Bailey

Caitlyn Bailey myspace

It's interesting to see what the internet has done to independent music all over the world. The internet has made everything easier (networking, promoting, acquiring music,etc) and perhaps even too easy as some people like to put it. And although i somewhat agree with the sentiment, to a certain degree, the fact is i was and am part of the internet generation. Without the internet, there's no way that a 17-year old Indonesian boy who didn't have a cool older brother who listen to The Misfits would have gone to the local record store and buy London Calling cd or found out who Converge was.

The internet has made the world smaller. Anyone can listen to music coming out from every corner of the world as they please . Over the years, i have found myself exposed to heaps and heaps of great bands from different parts of the world. It thrills me that South East Asian countries such as Malaysia , Singapore and Philippines all have a thriving regional DIY scene and actually produce interesting music. I met Francis (singer of Caitlyn Bailey) on some music forum/messageboard years ago. And funnily enough, i came across Caitlyn Bailey's myspace one day and recognized him.

Caitlyn Bailey is a 5-piece from Davao City, Philippines. Without any intention of restricting what sound the band is trying to achieve, it would be fair to say that they fall under hardcore music umbrella. Although not entirely original, Caitlyn Bailey took parts of different sub-genres of punk/hardcore and even metal to create something of their own. The music is akin to late-90's fast heavy screamo such as Neil Perry, Orchid, Pg 99 and even Union of Uranus or Shikari with heavy dose of driving riffs of late 90's/early 00's metalcore act such as Every Time I Die. The vocals are pretty similar to Pg 99 and maybe Converge. What sets them apart is their approach on the whole thing. No riffs are too metal, no breakdowns are too predictable or solos are too wanky for them. And this allows them to experiment with their sound and creates a lot of memorable moments on their ep, Fuego! (means Fire in Spanish). The song-writing is strong and all the songs flow quite well. Some of the lyrics are poetic and the others are more straight forward but they are pretty introspective in nature. It also needs to be mentioned that the recording for the ep is really good. Everything is crystal clear without being overproduced.


Fuego! (2008)

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