Saturday, March 14, 2009


Extortion myspace

I came to Brisbane 3 years ago. Since then i have been going to local shows and enjoy finding new bands to listen to. I discovered that Australia has so much to offer when it comes to music. There a lot of good bands here. A lot. Sometimes you just have to dig beneath the surface to find the really good ones. Upon my journey, i managed to discover bands like Insurgents, Tear Gas, Hard Luck, Deaf Wish, Snake Run and heaps more. And last but not least, Extortion. I have had the pleasure of seeing them last year. And it was one of the funnest shows i've ever been to.

Extortion is a hardcore band from Perth. Extortion play a blazing fast hardcore, with start-stop riffing and occasionally slower groovy parts. I can hear the influences of 80's Boston bands like Negative FX, SSD, DYS as well as many fast/power violence bands such as Infest and Crossed Out. Perth is also responsible for Heist, another awesome band who plays this style of music.

This is Extortion's self-titled. This is their first release and it's also my favorite release from them. I believe it's out of print. It it isn't, someone let me know and i will gladly take the link down. Download this and have your mind blown.

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